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Age, Gender, Weight…. Who gets the worst hangovers?

Hangover? Hangovers are typically a headache after effect of drinking. After partying all night, or drinking the night away, it is not really quite a nice feeling to be waking up with a gruesome headache. Trust me you don’t want to have that kind of hangover. So who gets the worst hangovers? Normally your alcohol intake tolerance dictates whether or not you’ll suffer hangovers. Your alcohol tolerance depends on the following factors;

  1. Age. As we grow older our bodies change, thus affecting our ability to tolerate alcohol intake. If you’re 49 and you’ve been drinking like your 19, don’t wonder why you can’t take the same level of alcohol liked you’ve used to. Aging causes our bodies to undergo changes that put limits to our body. As we grow old it is not only our age that is changing, we should always remember that our bodies grow old as well. When we drink the older we get the longer the alcohol stays in our liver before it moves to the general bloodstream. That is why as we drink when we grow older, we suffer more hangovers than usual.
  2. Weight. People with high amount of body fat tends to usually get drunk and experience hangovers more. The higher your body fat percentage the lower your body water ratio, which leads to a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) even with the same amount of alcohol intake. Your weight does not necessarily dictates your alcohol tolerance level, rather it is your body fat percentage that determines whether or not you’ll get that “hangover” in an extreme level.
  3. Gender. Hangovers are typically worse for women than men. Scientist have discovered that not only do women get drunk easily than men, they also suffer worse hangovers. Biologically speaking women tend to have weigh less and have lower percentage of total body water than men do. This leads to higher degrees of intoxication and more hangover.

Among the three unfair as it may seem to be, we cannot argue that women suffers worse hangovers than men. However, biology is not only the determining factor for having worse hangovers. Aside from your body, hangovers is also dependent to your level of alcohol intake. Remember hangover is a result of your drinking, so try to measure your capacity and don’t over drink if you don’t want to get that hangover.