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Hang Over Killers- A Revolutionary Formula

Have you ever wondered why a hangover shares the same symptoms as those of dehydration, Well, that’s because alcohol effectively de-hydrates us and it’s this de-hydrating effect that leads to a hangover. It also causes our bodies to inhibit the production of the anti-diuretic hormone which is required by the body for the reabsorption of water.

Drinking water with alcoholic beverages is one of the best ways to stay hydrated however is not that feasible when you are on a big night out.

But here at Hangover Killers we have the answer!.... For years’ we have been using our after party formula as powerful re-hydration formula to prevent hangovers. The product rehydrates faster than taking water. Its ability to absorb more water into blood stream cures helps to cure and prevent a hangover.

We guarantee you fast, safe and effective hangover relief. The Hang Over Killers is designed a refreshing orange mix and provides essential vitamins and minerals which you might have lost with the consumption alcohol. For best results we recommend taking this revolutionary formula after drinking- one before going to sleep and another one when you wake up

Party harder with Afterparty by HangOver Killers

Seize the Night – Save the Day.