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Hangover Cures From Around The World

Are you suffering from the nasty effects of a hangover as a result of boozing? If those symptoms get too overwhelming for you, why not try some of these hangover remedies from around the world? Perhaps some of them might just work.

North America

United States: Prairie Oyster
A classic remedy for a hangover, this traditional ‘dish’ is made to resemble an oyster, hence giving it its name. The usual recipe includes a whole raw egg, some salt and pepper and Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces. Drink (or even gulp) it instead of eating it. The proteins in the egg and spices in the sauces supposedly mitigate the alcohol’s toxic effects.

Canada: Poutine
How about some fried potatoes/fries in rich gravy and cheese curds? While it might sound extremely fattening, this dish of ‘poutine’ is touted as a hangover cure in many parts of Canada, and notably Quebec.

South America

Mexico: Menudo (spicy tripe soup)
Fancy a concoction of tripe and other ingredients in a fiery hot soup? Mexicans swear by menudo or spicy tripe soup to cure their hangovers. Tripe’s high level of protein may be the reason behind its ability to ameliorate those disturbing effects of the hangover, especially on the stomach. Tripe soup is also eaten in a few other parts of the world. In Romania, it is called ciorba de burta. In Turkey, locals also have their own version of tripe soup.

Peru: Leche de Tigre
Leche de Tigre (tiger’s milk in English) is the marinade that is left after soaking ceviche, a well-known local seafood appetizer made from raw food, peppers, garlic and ginger. Its name seems to be apt given that it has a colour similar to milk. Effectiveness wise, the spiciness and acidity are likely to be the factors which cure those disturbing hangover symptoms.


UK: Bacon and eggs
Bacon, fried or scrambled eggs and some toast (a full English breakfast) certainly tantalises one’s taste buds. As fattening and oily as it may be, it is precisely the oil and fat which can help to soothe your stomach and prevent it from alcohol attack. Of course, we all know that the proteins in bacon and eggs are also energy-boosting.
Russia and Poland: Pickle juice
Pickle juice is a popular hangover remedy in both Poland and Russia. Its healing properties likely stem from the abundance of both water and salt in it, which are lost from heavy drinking. As a result, you might experience a relief of your headache or muscle cramps.

Ireland: River Sand
Ireland is famous for its whisky, so it comes as no surprise that the Irish have their own cure for a hangover, albeit a unique one derived from folklore. The Irish believe that you should bury yourself up to the neck level in wet river sand if you want your hangover to be cured.


Africa and Middle East

South Africa: Ostrich egg omelette
South Africa has a less well-known hangover remedy known as ostrich egg omelette. Be sure to share this dish with your friends who are also suffering from hangovers because it is a huge egg the size of 24 hen eggs!

Israel: Shakshuka
Shakshuka is a tomato and pepper stew with eggs in it, and often accompanied by toast. As with cures in other countries, it is the spiciness and proteins in this dish that delivers the healing benefits.
Namibia: Buffalo milk
Do not be fooled by the name of this dish. It is not even milk, less so milk from a buffalo. A concoction of clotted cream, rum, cream liquer and whole cream make this creamy dish, which is a popular hangover cure in Namibia.


Asia and Pacific

Japan: Umeboshi
Umeboshi are exceptionally sour pickled plums used to cure hangovers in Japan. Their mechanism in combating hangovers lies in their acids being able to improve liver function, and their abundance of electrolytes like sodium replenishing those lost while drinking. Their extreme saltiness also ‘forces’ you to drink plenty of water and hence rehydrates you.

Australia: Green tree ant tea
The fact that this tea uses ground green tree ants makes the thought of drinking this unpalatable, yet some Australians still believe in drinking green tree ant tea to remedy their hangovers. The sourcing of the ants, though, is already difficult. Green tree ants are known for their aggression and can inflict injuries onto you if you are not careful.

Vietnam: Rhino horn
Ground rhino horn is so revered in Vietnam that it is believed to cure all sicknesses, minor or severe. Of course, the hangover is in this list. No wonder the poaching of rhinos is such a massive environmental problem.

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