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The Economic Cost of Hangovers

Ever wondered what the economic cost of being hungover was? Well in the UK hangovers cost the economy an estimated 25 billion pounds!!

It has been estimated that workers in England take, on average, 2.3 days off each year because of being too hungover to come in, with research showing a higher percentage of those are in the north east and Scotland. When it comes to the sector breaks down we see that those who work in media are most likely to come in feeling the effects of the night before.

Of course, the problem is increased around the Christmas party season and it is estimated the post-Christmas party hangovers cost the economy 541 million pounds. Over 57% of us will attend two or more parties around this time of year with roughly 25% being far less productive the next day and 20% will either not show up or come in late. When it comes to the gender split is seems that men are twice as likely to call in sick when suffering with a hangover.

However globally it seems as if America is the front runners, with the annual impact estimated to be in the region of $223 Billion!!...

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