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What is a hangover?!

The Hangover has cursed Humanity since drinking began has been documented as far as the Ancient Egyptians. But Where Does It come from, studying hangovers is a complex issue as it is proven that they are differ for each person depending on factors like the diet, the type of drink, the sleep, etc

Scientific research has identified 4 main pillars that characterize a hangover

1.Dehydration and Acetaldehyde build up

As ethanol is processed by your liver, a toxic compound is created and this conversion by the dehydrogenase enzyme acetaldehyde 30 times more toxic then ethanol it creates chaos in the body interfering with several of its basic functions. Some studies suggest that It can be the cause of headaches. The basic feeling you have when you're in a hangover is most true you have gambled with the body's hydration, and that is not a very wise thing to do!

Alcohol blocks die release of the hormone vasopressin, which makes you retain water Studies have shown that drinking 250 ml of alcohol can make you expel as much as four times that amount of liquid in waste! With less water m your system, a violent headache is almost guaranteed the body ties to compensate the water loss by recurring to the water present in the brain. This involves the brain to decrease in size and stretch the membranes that connect the organ to the skull, making. literally shrink hence the pain.

  1. Glutamine rebound - a withdrawal symptom

Responsible for the shakiness, sweating, increased blood pressure, super sensitivity to light or sound these are withdrawal symptoms from heavy drinking. Alcohol has a deep effect on the brain's neurotransmitter system, including glutamine receptors and the glutamine signal, pathway. Glutamine which is a precursor to glutamate increases when &drinking this gives you a rush of incremental energy levels. After the drinking has stopped, the glutamate receptors sense a reduced glutamine - which leads to a boost, production of the molecule this is the glutamine rebound. This usually occurs during sleep which explains that drinkers don't usually sleep as long as they would want - Due to this brain stimulation we do notice increase in fatigue in the next anxiety and increased blood pressure. Many people chose to mask them hangover by consuming more alcohol. It is nothing but an illusion of a cure, when in fact you're simply increasing the amount of alcohol in the blood….in short not a good idea!

  1. Immunological Disturbances

Alcohol generates an inflammatory reaction in your body. We star overproducing Cytokines - the dysregulated cytokine pathway causes physical and mental malaise - ''Cytokine are what make you feel achy and feverish when you have the - Swift said. Which relates to an immune system in overdrive! There are also cognitive effects with the rise of cytokines, loss of memory and mood changes. Recent studies attribute the following symptoms to Cytokines: 'loss of appetite, sleepiness, withdrawal from normal social activities, fever, aching join., and fatigue.


  1. Vitamin loss, broken electrolyte balance and clear loss of energy

Alcohol consumption depletes the body from essential vitamins and electrolytes. This happens because of the metabolic process required to digest alcohol. First of all due to its diuretic nature, vitamins, electrolytes and the stock of glycogen are lost through urination – when sodium, potassium and glycogen levels are low, you are sure to get headaches, weakness and fatigue.




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